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Japanese JDM Custom Japan Personalized License Plate Tag for Wall Sign Auto Car

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Totally Customize Your own Classic License Plate Your Way!  Choose Any Text and/or Any Color.   Make a cool classic antique replica state license plate or cool Mailbox Sign!

Note:  All the license plates are personalized novelty vanity plates to create special memories or to have plain fun. These plates are not intended nor can be used to replace the official registration plates on your motor vehicles. We do not work with or have any affiliation with the DMV.

* MADE IN THE USA: All of our plates are made locally made within the USA and are UV Resistant.
* 100% Quality Aluminum with rounded edges
* We utilize a State of Art Digital printing process. All of our color printing dyes are patented and manufactured in the USA.
* Our Digital Coloring system actually penetrates into the surface of the license plate and re-colors from the inside out resulting in permanent vibrant coloration that will not peel, fade, or crack.
* All Plates are flat, Not embossed. Some plates may look embossed due to the design to creates special effects.
* Personalized Your Way: We can add photos, logos, emojis and change the color and fonts for most plates.
* Fast Shipping within the USA!
* Unique Personalized Gift: Great for your loved ones, friends, co-workers and even yourself.
* Many Uses: Bikes, Bicycles, Carts, Wagons, Golf Carts, Electric Cars, Wheel Chairs, Walkers, Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, Boats, Door Signage, Cubicle Signage, Kid's Room Door Signs, Garden Sign, Mailbox Sign, Scooters, mini electric cars, tricycles and much much more!


STANDARD - "6 X 12" Aluminum: This license plate has a hardy .032 thickness. These license plates have four (4) universal pre-cut holes. Great for Man Cave, Wall Signs, Mailboxes, etc.