Hard Plastic (PC) Mobile Phone Case - Works with Wired Chargers Only!

Our Hard Plastic mobile phone cases are made of quality hard plastic polycarbonate.  These cases are easy to snap on.  They are thin, lightweight, and are sure to fit your phone cases perfectly.  In fact, each phone case we sell has been tested on the actual phones they serve to make sure they fit.  We have been selling a long time on eBay, and are 100% confident these cases will fit your phone perfectly.  

  • These phone cases are stylish and has a nice grip.  
  • Easy to hold and remove from purses and pockets.  
  • Protects from minor bumps.
  • The Hard Plastic (PC) phone cases have been tested to work with the included wired chargers and the print has a glossy look.  
  • FEATURES:  Lightweight, Slim Fit, Easy Access to Ports, Protest against minor bumps and scrapes, Glossy Photo print. 
  • Color of the Phone Case:  BLACK

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